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Staff Bios

Ian Brody, Designer, President


Ian is a lifelong gamer and design tinkerer who decided to turn his passion into his career (despite his employment rejection letter from SPI back in 1980.) Ian loves games of all types, except word games in foreign languages, which he considers biased.

Ian is the designer of the acclaimed Quartermaster General series, as well as Destination: Neptune and more. Ian has a degree in Music from the University of Chicago, and a Master of Public Policy from SUNY Albany.

Prior to starting a game company, most of Ian’s career has been in technology, with a smattering of policy analysis and meeting planning. Ian lives with his wife and daughter in the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts.

Nick Avallone, Art Director

NickNick is a life-long enthusiast of fantasy and mythology, and an avid tabletop gamer.

Trained as a fine artist and working as a graphic designer, he finds himself in the enviable position of wedding all these passions together as Art Director at Griggling Games.

Karin Weston-Brody, Faerie Princess

KarinKarin Weston-Brody is a Costumer/Sculptor who studied Theatrical Design at SUNY Purchase and has made costumes for the New York Shakespeare Festival, Broadway and Off Broadway Shows.

She has also costumed dance and music videos. Karin previously owned The Tinker Gnome of Woodstock, a game, costume and crafts store from 2001-2007. She has high skill ranks in Craft Wondrous Item, an excellent Spot Check and can brew a good potion as well.

John Velonis, Proofreader

John Velonis is a voracious reader, longtime tabletop gamer, and designer of “Venus Needs Men!”, a board game of interplanetary invasion.  Decades of computer programming have given him an eye for petty details and a penchant for overly specific instructions.