Quartermaster General: 1914 2nd Edition Arrives February 2022

By now you may have heard that Quartermaster General: 1914 will be reprinted by Ares. The reprint will offer a larger board, fun wooden pieces, and new artwork, all for a lower msrp.

The game itself is largely the same, although a number of cards have had the text rewritten to make themĀ  clearer, and the rules have likewise undergone a refresh for clarity.

Quartermaster General: Victory or Death Available!

In partnership with Plastic Soldier Company, Quartermaster General: Victory or Death, a Game of the Peloponnesian War is now widely available!

Your Friendly Local Game Store can order them through Alliance, or you might find them online, or on our online Amazon shop.
You may also be happy to find out that the MSRP of the game has been reduced in the United States.

(This is due to the fact that the games are priced in Great British Pounds, and the Pound lost over 20% of it’s value v. the US Dollar since the time when the price was originally established.)

Thank you Air Marshal Backers!

Were so excited to be sending out the first copies to our Kickstarter Backers who paid for Air Freight. They’ll be getting their copies of Air Marshal this week; the rest will have to wait for the Sea shipment.

Thank you kickstarter backers!
Check out the honor role on the Air Marshal page

Please come and play with us this summer, aside from all the conventions we’re actively playtesting Victory or Death, a game of the Peloponnesian War.

Air Marshal on Schedule

We’re glad to report everything seems to be well on target for Air Marshal for a Gen Con release. Retailers should be happy to know that they should be getting their product in good time to have it in stock for the release. For kickstarter backers, I will be sending the games out just as soon as I can.

For those of you who missed the picture of the new airplanes, here they are!

Sample pieces - colors off in this photo, will match existing game

Sample pieces – colors off in this photo, will match existing game