Quartermaster General: 1914

“My centre is giving way, my right is in retreat, situation excellent. I attack.”

—  Ferdinand Foch

Quartermaster General: 1914 is a new, fast-paced game in the critically acclaimed Quartermaster General series, designed by Ian Brody, that pits the Central Powers against the Entente Powers. Based on the popular Quartermaster General system, this card-driven wargame reflects the military, economic, and political intrigue of the time.


In Quartermaster General: 1914, each power has its own unique deck of cards, with its own strengths and strategies, providing strong replayability as you try your hand at playing the different powers. Each card has two different uses: one when played, and another when prepared. On their turn, players have the opportunity to both play and prepare a card. They can also spend cards to draft more troops or use cards to subject their opponents to attrition.


Each Power’s deck represents the resources of that player: “digging” too quickly through the deck in the early game might result in unsupported armies being swept away in the final rounds. This is worth it if a player can capture Berlin or Paris in 1915 – but if the gambit fails, you may have a tough road ahead. The game ends after 17 rounds of play, or earlier if one side has a commanding enough lead.


Quartermaster General: 1914 is a must-have for all fans of the Quartermaster General series, and for anybody looking for an accessible grand-strategy game on the “Great War.”

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Quartermaster General: The Cold War

Ian Brody’s acclaimed card-driven Quartermaster General series heads into the Nuclear Age!

Quartermaster General: The Cold War depicts the struggle between the aspirations of the Soviet Bloc, the West, and the Non-Aligned nationalist independence movements throughout the developing world.

You will play a Bloc of nations: the Soviet Bloc, the Western Bloc, or the Non-Aligned Bloc. Each Bloc is considered an enemy to each other Bloc, even if players decide to cooperate temporarily to preserve the balance of power. Each of the three Blocs may be played by one or two people, depending on the number of players.

On your turn, you’ll play cards to unfold a narrative of the Cold War – as it might have been. You may decide to use military force when espionage fails, but escalating tensions will reduce the penalty your enemies pay to use their WMDs in retaliation!



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Destination: Neptune – Second Edition Expansion

Contact me on our contact page if you’re interested.


A new version! – the game you wanted Destination: Neptune to be – at an exceptional value!


Destination: Neptune is a euro-style game portraying an optimistic look at the next 100 years of space exploration.


You must own Destination: Neptune to use the Second Edition Expansion.


It’s been a few years since I designed Destination: Neptune and it’s an ok game, but not a great game. I wasn’t really looking for a solution to make Destination: Neptune the great game it should have been, but anyhow, it dawned on me one day when considering the rules for an entirely different game. We tried it out, and wow! My wife and I immediately started playing every night. That same excitement we had with Quartermaster General.


I’ve decided to go ahead and develop the new rules into an add-on for the original game. Below is a link to the new rules. These are still ‘beta’ as they will be finalized once we’ve funded. That also means if you have any questions, please feel free to ask!


Click to read the rulebook


Our goal in this kickstarter is to offer a basic pledge at our own estimated cost, and therefore provide folks who own the game already to be able to upgrade it at the lowest possible price. As we do better we’ll add more stretch goals so that the more folks who back the project the better your product gets.


People who never picked up the original game can get the base game and second edition add on for the MSRP of the base game. We know that this is an excellent value, since there will also be kickstarter swag thrown in too!


If you’re interested, here is a synopsis of the changes:

  • Plays much better as a 2-player game
  • Plays much faster, both in overall length and perceived pacing.
  • The rules are simpler, more intuitive, and therefore easier to learn.
  • You’ll be able to use your Technology before other players
  • Only one player is allowed at a Location, so the race aspect is enhanced.
  • Much less snowballing for the winning players, and the game is a bit more forgiving of mistakes.


I’m obviously concerned that folks who looked at Destination: Neptune a few years back won’t try it again. All I can say is please, do. I know you’ll be pleasantly surprised.


Griggling Games would like to thank our kickstarter and preorder backers!

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Destination: Neptune

DESTINATION: NEPTUNE shows an optimistic vision of commercial space exploration in the next century. Control an organization with the resources and intent to explore, develop, and colonize the worlds beyond Earth.

Organizations that practice careful planning and resource management, with a healthy dose of technology research will succeed. Destination: Neptune moves through four generations of space exploration. Players earn Victory Points by building large commercial outposts and colonies, as well as from fame and outright purchases. After four generations, the player with the most Victory Points wins the game.

I am pretty much sold out right now; I may order more parts for the second edition update and if you’re interested, let me know.

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