Players: 2


 · Rulebook

 · Game board

 · 2 ten-sided dice

 · 360 cards illustrated with historically-themed photographs

 · 2 player mats

 · 2 player aid cards

 · Die-cut counter sheets

 · Plastic stands for the on-board armies.



From the beaches of Normandy to the Ruhr Valley, SHAEF is a two-player, card-driven, World War II strategy game covering the period from June 1944 through March 1945.

The actual corps and armies that fought in the campaign are represented by counters on a map of the Western Front. The cards represent lower echelon forces, like divisions and brigades, as well as a variety of combat support and special tactics. The cards are (usually) assigned to Corps and Army units.

Players can decide to use either the historical setup, or the free setup, to give players the chance to test different strategies.

In a month, both the Allies and Axis will have a turn to move and initiate combat. Combat is resolved using the cards assigned to the units.