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Celestial Rainbows Now Available

Billboard_CRCelestial Rainbows, the cooperative card game of rainbow building is now available.
CELESTIAL RAINBOWS is a light, cooperative card game featuring the fantastic rainbow art by the visionary artist, Aurora of Woodstock, NY. The object of the game is to work together to build as many of the seven rainbows as possible.
The game may be lost if players are not able to complete a rainbow, but this game is designed to be a positive experience that focuses on improving and not so much the negative connotations of losing. Players work to improve their score from their last game. Though cooperative, players have limited table talk and must coordinate their card plays based on what cards they can see on the table. A fun game suitable for all ages!
Get your copy today at GrigglingGames.com
Retailers contact eddie@grigglinggames.com

Back from Council of Five Nations

DSCF0109Well, we’re back from the Council of Five Nations and it was such a great event! We had many people come over to our booth and sit down to try out the many games we have in development.
Many people gave us a lot of feedback and some really great ideas. We really like giving players a say in the final outcome of the products. Destination: Neptune has been going through many iterations all based on player feedback turning this into a really great game! Quartermaster General also saw a lot of action and the play tests went really smoothly. Everyone wondered when these games will go into final production. All we can say is look for them in the coming year. We really don’t want to rush production on these as we’d rather focus on bringing you a quality product.
Celestial Rainbows was a hit with families and kids. People had a great time playing it at the booth then buying a copy to take home. How can you go wrong with a family friendly cooperative game with fun artwork?

People also had a great time with our giant gnome cutout that you could put your face through for a photo!
Overall we had a great time and we tip our hats of to the folks over at the Schenectady Wargamer’s Association for putting together such a fun event! We have more pictures over at our Fan Page!