Quartermaster General

Quartermaster General WW2 Total War Expansion

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The Quartermaster General WW2 Total
War Expansion
provides players with a
great number of new play options, without
dramatically increasing the play

    • Air Forces bring a whole new dimension
      to the conflict. Air Forces help defend
      Armies and Navies in the same space, or
      attack adjacent Air Forces in battle.
    • Chinese and French forces alter the opening
      setup and add many new strategies.
      Bolster cards, played directly from
      hand, add a new level of tactics.
    • Alternate “what if” cards represent historical
      strategies that were considered but never executed, like Operation Sea Lion, the invasion of Britain.

You must own Quartermaster General: WW2 from Ares Games to utilize this

What’s new in the Total War Expansion?
This expansion replaces first edition Air
Marshal and Alternate Histories from
Griggling Games, Inc. You’ll notice a few
changes from the originals, including:

  • New cards: In addition to some new and
    reworked cards, Deploy Air Force cards
    have been renamed Air Power cards.
  • Gain air superiority: Air Forces may
    now attack each other directly.
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The Total War expansion replaces Air Marshal and Alternate Histories. You must have WW2 2nd Ed. to use.

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